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This fountain is small and very sweet. And what is more beautiful than the feminine figure? Nothing! It’ll fit into almost any décor, preferably something elegant. For those of you who want a unique fountain, this one’s for you! In all of our fountains, a 110v outlet is required for the quiet, long-lasting, powerful, adjustable-flow water pump that is included. All of our fountains are recirculating and do not need an outside water source.

This fountain is created by a delicate hand. The entire fountain, including the moonlight figure, leaves, and base, are created completely of metal (about 70% of the metal is copper, though chrome, brass, bronze and steel are used too). The wonderful mix of colors in this fountain are created in a variety of ways. We may use a heat patina (we heat up the metal...and it changes color), a chemical patina (this creates a variety of colors including blacks, verdigris, brown, blues, etc), or we may use any of a variety of special paints. Sometimes we may use any combination of these options.

Dimensions: Length: 16" x Depth: 6" x Height: 16"

Shipping: Ships from warehouse in 3-4 weeks.  Harvey Galleries fountains
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Price: USD 275.00

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