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Harmony River (flush)(many options available)
Many options available. This is a wonderful water floor feature. Fountain available in different finishes and you can also select between different slate, marble, or mirror face options. Fountain face is mounted in the rear of the base, so it looks wonderful against a wall. Water cascades down the front face to culminate in the basin. In this water fountain, a standard 110v outlet is required for the quiet, long-lasting, powerful water pump that is included. All of our water fountains are re-circulating and do not need an outside water source.

Your choices for fountain face:
The slate in this fountain is specially quarried in India. The stones of India are renowned worldwide for their beauty and elegance. This slate has been shaved thin and mounted to a backboard, giving it the name featherstone. This makes the fountain lighter (estimated slate weight 15 lbs.). Slate available in a variety of colors (black, green hue, or multi-colored (varies in its range- characterized by warm hues, such as red, brown, copper, purple, etc.))- select below. Fountain is also available with a silver or bronze mirror, instead of slate. Because no two stones are alike, your fountain is an original and stone will vary in color and texture. Instead of slate, fountain can be crafted with a silver mirror, bronze mirror, or piece of marble (spider, brown, or green). Because no two stones are alike, your fountain is an original and stone will vary in color and texture.

Your choices for fountain finish:
Fountain can be crafted with a stainless steel frame that will maintain its distinct natural finish. Or, a blackened copper frame is available that is crafted of copper and then a black powder coating is baked on. A thin swipe of copper shows through on edges for a distinctive look. Fountain is also available with an antique bronze powder coating. Or, if you prefer, the fountain frame can be crafted of copper components fashioned from high-grade copper mined from Kennecott Copper Mine- Utah. The unique marble-like finish is burned onto the copper one piece at a time by skilled artisans. A clear coat finish is then applied to the copper to give it a high gloss finish, as well as to protect the copper from naturally turning green (patina) over time (select below).

Other options:

-Lighting: Fountain comes standard with a 3 bulb halogen lightbar in the top hood. Lightbar has an on/off 3 way pull chain and dimmer switch. If you prefer, LED lights with remote control are available. The remote control allows you to program the LED bulbs automatically. You are able to set them for one color or to rotate between whichever colors you choose. There are 12 color choices and 4 color changing settings. An on/off switch is also included on remote (select below).

-Stone Selection: As noted, stones naturally vary in color and texture. If you would like to select the actual stone that goes in your fountain, this is an option. Simply describe the attributes that you are looking for (example: more copper, more texture, etc.) and 5 stones are selected that best represents your request. Photos are then e-mailed to you so that you can select the stone that you want shipped with your order (select below).

-River Stones: If you prefer polished black rocks, instead of the standard multi colored river rocks that come with this item, this is an option (select below).

*This fountain is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

*Your company logo can also be added to this item. Please contact us to go over our custom logo options.

Dimensions: Length: 31" x Height: 70" x Depth: 14"

Availability: Ships from warehouse within 1 week.
FREE Ground SHIPPING anywhere in the continental US! Adagio fountains

Please note: The use of natural stone in this fountain creates a uniqueness in making your fountain a one-of-a-kind piece. Sizes, textures, and colors are approximate and may vary.
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Price: USD 1399.00
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